Neonatal Jaundice

ALL visibly jaundiced neonates need a bilirubin measurement.

Assessment of jaundice must always include assessment of health, risk factors and signs of system illness.

Follow the RCHT guideline http://intranet.cornwall.nhs.uk/DocumentsLibrary/RoyalCornwallHospitalsTrust/Clinical/Neonatal/JaundiceGuidelineForTheManagementOfNeonatal.pdf

Unwell jaundiced baby of any age:

Immediate telephone referral to Neonatal (if less than 1 week old) or Acute Paediatric inpatient service, or 999 if A, B, or C compromise. 


Apparently well baby with jaundice:




Review Date                13/11/2019

Date of Next Review    13/11/2020

Author                          Dr Andrew Collinson, Consultant Paediatrician, Operational Lead, RCHT Neonatal Service

GP Sifter                      Dr Rebecca Harling, RMS Paediatric Leave


Version No.  1.1