Referral advice

  • Wherever possible use Choose and Book for referrals marked either urgent or routine
  • Use 2ww pathway for suspected melanoma / SCC not BCC
  • For urgent advice contact the Dermatology department at the Royal Cornwall Hospital. The dermatology bleep will be held by dermatology nurses who will take details and refer on to the most appropriate person. Bleep 3131   

As of 30th March 2015, a new Dermatology Advice and Guidance pilot service has been launched by RCHT. For details of this service please click here

Please do not refer

  • Unchanging or asymptomatic benign melanocytic naevi
  • actinic keratoses
  • seborrhoeic keratoses
  • warts of the hands / feet – if you feel the patient has exceptional clinical need please consider making an individual funding request
  • skin tags
  • corns
  • physiological androgenetic alopecia
  • fungal infections of the toe nails. Always send scrapings for culture
  • telangiectasiae and spider naevi
  • comedones
  • tattoos
  • small asymptomatic lipomata
  • small asymptomatic epidermal cysts
  • molluscum contagiosum
  • childhood vitiligo
  • anal skin tags


Leg Ulcers

Please refer to the Tissue Viability Nurse or vascular surgeons as detailed in leg ulcer section



It is often helpful if photographs are attached to the letters, especially with lesions that may need excision.  

Advice and Guidance (Teledermatology) - Please see details below