The Paediatric Allergy Clinic


Dr Simon Bedwani - ext 2802 - Simon.Bedwani@rcht.cornwall.nhs.uk

SN Jane Henderson - ext 3004 – Jane.Henderson@rcht.cornwall.nhs.uk

Paed. dietician Holly Byatt - ext 2409 - holly.byatt@nhs.net


This runs weekly. Services available are -

  • Detailed history taken including allergic co-morbidities and a risk assessment
  • Skin Prick Testing (SPT) and / or specific IgE testing
  • Treatment plan when indicated including same - day Adrenaline auto-injector prescribing and training
  • Optimising treatment of all other manifestations of allergy eg asthma, rhinitis 
  • Education of patient and family and written management plans for schools
  • Onward Tertiary referral as appropriate