Childhood Obesity

For the local pathways for obesity in children, including diagnosis, services available and information on comorbidities, please see the pathways available here:


A calculator for children over 2 is here. It marks the BMI on the chart so you do not have to plot it yourself (or even find a chart to do it!)



Essential information with any referral, but especially at Level 3/LEAF clinic

  • All previous weights or a copy of the weight and height growth charts from the red book
  • Any child protection or safeguarding issues - extreme obesity is a risk factor for this. If there are none then this should be stated in the letter.
  • Previous referrals or weight loss interventions tried


Useful Information to include in the letter

  • Family history of early obesity and other illness
  • Past medical history


Referrals to LEAF can be by letter or, if you prefer by the referral form available here

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