Service Information


RCHT Ophthalmic department runs the following services for new patients:

Eye Casualty

  • accessed by phoning triage nurse on 01872 253788 9-5pm. Patients need to be referred by GP or optometrist, and accompanied by a letter. Currently there is a duty doctor for 24 hours for discussion of patients and seeing of very urgent cases outside these times. It is not a patient walk-in service

General Eye Clinics

  • although run in 6 peripheral sites, all referrals come via RCHT

One stop cataract clinic

  • For simple cataract (seen by community optom pre-referral so other pathology ruled out). Seen by doctor and have pre-op assessment at same time. Not currently offering surgery on same day.
  • Probus Surgical Centre offers some day surgery

Orthoptic clinic

  • see all new children referrals

Diabetic Retinal Screening/laser clinic

  • to see and treat patients referred from community run DRS

Wet macular degeneration clinic (WARM)

  • accessed by emailed referral to Macular service, preferably on pro forma

Minor ops

  • direct referral for trichiasis, Meibomian cysts, small lid lesions.
  • All cases under LA so not suitable for young children, complex or recurrent lesions.

Botulinum Toxin

  • direct referral for debilitating blepharospasm

Consultant-led specialist clinics

  • for complex cases in their subspecialty, or for patients already under their care.

It is encouraged that all non-acute referrals are accompanied by an optometrist letter and this is essential for referrals for cataract and non-acute glaucoma.

Other Service Providers


Probus Surgery

  • Conditions marked Probus are suitable

In the event of doubt please contact the department for further advice.

Useful Numbers:

Ophthalmic Fax:                                                                                     01872 253908

Ophthalmic casualty                                                                               01872 253788

Secretaries:     Ms Claridge                 general/glaucoma                      01872 253987

                        Mr Jones                     general/paediatrics                     01872 253905

                        Ms Hale                       general/plastics                          01872 253906

                        Mr Murjaneh                general/retina                             01872 253907

                        Mr Westlake                general/glaucoma/plastics          01872 252902

                        Mr Wilson-Holt             general/diabetes                         01872 253903

    Mr Patwardhan            general/retina/uveitis                  01872 253402


National Artificial Eye Service 

The National Artificial Eye Service is a supraregional NHS specialist service for artificial eyes and orbital prostheses. Bi-weekly clinics are run at RCHT Treliske