Acute Glaucoma

Red, hard aching eye, hazy cornea and blurred vision

  • Where to refer:
    • Eye Casualty – if in doubt refer to optometrist same day


Ocular hypertension

Average applanation IOP:

 >21mmHg if <65 yrs

>24mmHg if 64-80 yrs

>25mmHg if >80 yrs

  • How to refer
    • Patient referred on GAT form
    • Routine clinic with copy of optometrist letter with detail of refraction and optic disc, GAT, IOP and visual field result.

Note: Non contact tonometry tends to over read. All Optometrists should now be measuring IOP with Goldman applanation tonometry (GAT) prior to referral.



Primary open angle glaucoma

  • Information to include
    • Optometry referral must indicate disc and/or field defect compatible with glaucoma, or angle at risk of closure. Patients with family history are screened by optometrist
  • How to refer
    • Routine with copy of optometrist referral with info on refraction, IOP, disc and field enclosed if abnormal.
    • Book fields
    • Urgent if IOP >35mmHg
    • If re-referral, refer to current consultant
    • If transfer from another hospital eye service unit include last hospital eye service letter