Female Sterilisation

There are no absolute contraindications to sterilisation for men or women providing they make the request themselves, are of sound mind and are not acting under external duress.

Information to include when referring to General Gynae Clinic

  • Indication of parity (and delivery type)
  • Current contraception (& why not suitable)
  • Cycle (NB consider what periods will be like when stop current method – if heavy, reconsider Mirena)
  • Alternatives discussed (if not, why not)
    • Mirena / Cu IUD
    • Nexplanon
    • COCP etc
  • Aware Vasectomy
  • Has written patient information of all options

Link to patient information leaflet            

  • Patient is aware procedure
    • Involves surgery, (discussed pros and cons,)  - sterilisation can be done laparoscopically. 
    • Is permanent
    • Is not reversible on NHS (see Individual Funding Request Policy here)
  • Significant past medical / surgical history if not on proforma
  • Current regular medication if not on proforma
  • Smear history (including last smear & result) the patient will still be seen without this but if you can retrieve it automatically it speeds up the appointment


RCOG Evidence based clinical guideline No 4 Jan 2004. Male & Female Sterilisation

Patient information leaflet: RCOG Jan 2004 Sterilisation for women & men: what you need to know.


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