Direct Access Echocardiography

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To provide GPs with an Echocardiography service that can be accessed without the need for a prior cardiology outpatient appointment. 


For patients with suspected structural heart disease

Patients whose general condition does not preclude further management



If the result would not change the management please consider appropriateness of the test.

Echocardiography is not indicated in the following conditions unless there additional evidence of structural heart disease (Eg on history/exam/ECG/CXR

  • Dizziness/Presyncope    
  • Atypical Chest Pain      
  • Hypertension
  • Palpitations not suggestive of signifcant arrhythmia
  • Infrequent  ectopics
  • Asymptomatic sinus bradycardia

How To Refer:

Ensure appropriateness of request by checking on list of exclusions (see above)

Complete all sections of Direct Access Echocardiography request form available here

Attach ECG (from within 3 months)

Request via Choose and book to RMS

Patients will be contacted for appointment with one of 5 providers - further details below)


Direct Access Echocardiography Providers:

Echogenicity- echo + consultant cardiologist’s summary/advice

Ultracardiac (Plymouth) - echo without advice     

Plymouth Health Care Trust – echo without advice

Royal Cornwall Hospitals trust- echo without advice



Date reviewed                     01/04/2019

Next review due                  01/04/2020

Sifter name                          Elizabeth Fell

Contributors                        Dr Louise Melley – Assistant Specialist Cardiology RCHT


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