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NICE guidelines for

Management of eczema in under 12’s (www.nice.org.uk/CG057)


Consider referral to Consultant Allergy clinic / discuss for:


Infants < 6 months on optimal management with clear history suggestive of cow’s milk protein or egg exacerbating eczema; these require exclusion diet for 2-4 weeks and may need  referral if problems re-introducing foods.


Severe eczema at any age where food allergy strongly suspected to be a major trigger


No need to refer:


Patients with eczema and no obvious temporal relationship between ingesting certain foods known to be common allergens (eg milk, egg) and worsening of condition


Dermatology referral should be considered for all cases of severe, difficult to control eczema




Guideline updated by Simon Bedwani, Consultant Paediatrician, Royal Cornwall Hospital, November 2018.


Date Reviewed                                 14/8/2019

Next Review Date                           14/8/2020

GP Sifter                                              Dr Rebecca Harling



Version No.        1.1