Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services


General Service Information

The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, accepts referrals for children under 18 years old to the locality base where the child lives.

Referrals should be sent via the Early Health Hub. A specific CAMHS referral form is found on their webpage


Each referral is screened on day of receipt. 

1) Urgent Response Assessments are conducted within 24-hours (including Sat/Sun & Holidays at RCHT)
2) High Priority Assessment within a working week, and
3) Routine Assessment within 28-days.

Referral Criteria

·         Concerns about possible severe mental illness for example psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder

·         Serious Self harm

·         Depression or other mood disorder

·         Severe anxiety disorders including panic disorders, phobias which are causing significant impairment and post traumatic stress disorder.

·         Obsessive compulsive disorder

·         Severe complex disabling family dysfunction

·         Psycho-somatic disorders

·         Pervasive and severe behavioural difficulties in pre-adolescent children and young people

·         Hyper-kinetic disorder e g ADHD in children over the age of 5. Concerns about hyperactivity in those under 5 should be referred to community paediatrics.

·         Emotional and behavioural difficulties with pervasive development disorders such as

·         Neuro-developmental delay.

·         Risk of harm to others

·         Children with profound and severe intellectual disability. 





Anorexia Nervosa and other eating disorders - Please refer to the Children and Young People's Eating Disorder Service (CEDS)


Autism & Asperger's Syndrome - please send referrals to the Austistic Spectrum Disorder Service via the  Early Health Hub using the form on the websiteabove


If a child has Social and Communication difficulties under the age of 3 please refer to community paediatrics