Bladder and Bowel Problems

Health Visitors and School Nurses


Children who have constipation, soiling, bedwetting and/or toilet training problems where there are no red flags can be referred to:

  • Health Visitors - Under school age
  • School Nurses - School age until 16 years


They will assess and offer treatment (as per NICE guidance). They will refer to the Bladder and Bowel Specialist Service where treatment has failed.

Please note: enuresis alarms are currently not provided on the NHS and are self-purchase until further notice

Bladder and Bowel Specialist Service


GPs can directly refer to the Bladder and Bowel specialist Service for cases that don’t meet referral guidance for Health Visitors of School Nurses

Refer to Paediatrics if red flags are present 



Date Reveiwed                 06/11/2019

Next Review Date           06/11/2020

Author                                  Dr Rebecca Harling

Contributors                      Sharon Eustice, Nurse Consultant, Bladder and Bowel Specialist Service



Version No.  1.3