Neuro - Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy


Accept all Adults with Neurological disorders, acquired or progressive e.g.: 

  • Extensive physical impairment with or without tonal management problems
  • Marked perceptual and or proprioceptive problems
  • Cognitive impairment that impacts on therapy
  • Balance problems are associated with dizziness or altered neurology
  • Where pain is having a significant impact on therapy or recovery
  • Complex communication needs that impact on therapeutic handling
  • Challenging social issues that impact on the patient’s home environment/family unit

Where the residual effects of the Stroke or neurological disability impacts on the patient’s future needs/ plans (i.e. return to work )

Referral can be direct to service: 01209 318106 or using Community Rehab Referral forms, or email  neurorehab@cornwall.nhs.uk.

Patient self referral is possible on 0300 1234131 or email adultcareandsupport@cornwall.gov.uk 

A full medical history and results of MRI/CT scans is helpful.