Acne Vulgaris

Useful link: http://www.pcds.org.uk/clinical-guidance/acne-vulgaris


Indication for Referral - primarily for initiation of isotretinoin


  • Severe nodulo-cystic acne.
  • Moderate acne that has failed to respond to prolonged (i.e. 4- 6 months) courses of 2 differenttetracyclines in addition to a topical retinoid. A 6 month course of Dianette should also be trialled in females if there are no contraindications prior to referral.
  • Mild to moderate acne in patients who have an extreme psychological reaction to their acne andhave failed to respond to the above treatments.


Females of childbearing age should be established on contraception prior to referral for treatment with isotretinoin


Please include in the referral letter


  • Details of previous treatment including dose and duration of treatment.
  • Presence or absence of scarring.
  • In females, details of contraception.
  • FBC, U&E, LFT, fasting lipids to be requested prior to first outpatient appointment please.