Splints and Braces

The GP Guide To Splints and Braces is a helpful resource on the types of splints/braces available with useful pictures to show to patients (link)

From Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust

Occupational Therapy Splinting and Bracing Service

Patients who require assessment and brace fitting by a therapist

Refer via the Occupational Therapy Bracing form by email to rch-tr.SplintBraceTeam@nhs.net  or by letter

Service available at RCHT and West Cornwall

New referral is required after 6 months, within the 6 month period the patient has direct access to the service



Home assessments

Aids and equipment – refer to Community OT


Appliance Service

Non-clinical ordering and supply service only for ‘off the shelf’ splints/braces (that do not require measurements/assessment), protective helmets, wigs and ‘off the shelf’ children’s footwear.  Further information can be found on (link) http://rms.kernowccg.nhs.uk/rms/primary_care_clinical_referral_criteria/primary_care_clinical_referral_criteria/orthopaedics/primary_care_clinical_referral_criteria/primary_care_clinical_referral_criteria/orthopaedics/alternative_orthopaedic_related_services/appliances_department_rc


Outside of Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust

Orthotics service

Provided by a private company across sites in Cornwall.  Requests for ‘bespoke’ orthoses, callipers etc.



Footwear, orthoses

Musculoskeletal Interface

Knee braces as part of treatment if meet criteria for Musculoskeletal Interface referral

Exclusions: Peripheral vascular disease, peripheral oedema, ulceration (link)



Neuro-splinting clinic, Marie Therese House.  For adults with neurological conditions who need hand splints.


Grimshaw, M.  The General Practitioner’s Guide To Splints And Braces,  Royal Cornwall Hospital NHS Trust September 2018



Meirion Grimshaw, Clinical Lead Occupational Therapist Splinting and Bracing/Appliances, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

Dr Rebecca Hopkins, General Practitioner and RMS Orthopaedics Lead, Kernow Referral Management Service