Pregnancy Advisory Service




TOP providers:

·         RCHT     -  GP referral required (up to 14 weeks)

·         Derriford    - GP referral required (up to 13+6)

·         BPAS Plymouth - GP or self referral (can be referred up to 24 weeks). See self referral link below.


All have scanning facilities.


To begin the process of GP referral a call to the Termination of Pregnancy administrator (TOPs Line) Is required. They will organise the most appropriate appointment , based on the patient’s choice of treatment.

Note Medical terminations are available up to 10 weeks on the day of the clinic appointment.

Useful contacts:

Cornwall TOPs line 01872 226720

Derriford: 01752 431129

BPAS (Plymouth): 03457 304030 (free, 24/7)

Urgent scans: 01872 255181

Brook national line: 08000185023




Please click here to view the TOPS referral pathway

Pregnancy Advisory Service Leaflet