Pre Menopausal Simple Ovarian Cysts


A simple cyst is a round or oval anechoic space with smooth thin walls, posterior acoustic enhancement, no solid component or septation and no internal flow at color Doppler ultrasound.

 Transabdominal and transvaginal scans are recommended.



  • The following cysts should also be treated as simple and the same size thresholds used :para ovarian cysts where the ovary can be seen separately, cysts containing daughter cysts and cysts with one thin septation (<3mm) or small calcification in wall.
  • Always refer to previous imaging if available CT/MRI/US.
  • Make explicit in the report who is to arrange follow up.
  • Symptomatic cysts may need referral to General Gynae Clinic
  • If there is any increasing complexity or pointers to malignancy at ultrasound, 2ww gynaecological referral is recommended.


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