Post Menopausal Simple Ovarian Cysts

These are for simple cysts or cysts with one thin septation (<3mm).  These are anechoic, with smooth thin walls, posterior acoustic enhancement, no solid component and no internal flow at colour Doppler ultrasound.

Transabdominal and transvaginal scans are recommended.



  • Simple cysts < 3 cm need no follow up
  • One thin septation (<3mm) or small calcification in wall is almost always benign. Treat as simple and follow up according to size of cyst.
  • Cysts >5cm recommend urgent referral to gynae 2WW clinic with CA125
  • Complex ovarian cysts of any size recommend urgent referral to gynae 2WW clinic with CA125. Use colour Doppler to assess solid elements / papillary projections.
  • Symptomatic cysts of any size may need referral to the General Gynae Clinic
  • Always review previous imaging US/CT/MRI if available- if unchanged over one year then no need to follow up.
  • Ask GP to check CA125 and arrange F.U. as above.


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