Cervical Polyps


Cervical polyps may cause irregular vaginal bleeding or discharge but are commonly asymptomatic and may be found incidentally at routine smear. 


Almost all cervical polyps are benign, but removal of symptomatic polyps is recommended.  Asymptomatic polyps may be left, but large (>1cm) are usually removed.


This can be done in the GP surgery (see method below) or women can be referred up to the General Gynae Clinic


Method for removal of cervical polyps:

  • Speculum examination of cervix with good light
  • Visualise polyp and grasp the base with polyp forceps
  • Close the forceps and twist through 360 degrees many times whilst gently retracting hand until the polyp is twisted off its base
  • Cauterize the base with silver nitrate sticks (may need to use 2-3 if vascular)


Send polyp for histological evaluation – if endometrial in origin, will need a transvaginal scan and referral for further investigation of endometrium to ensure complete removal.