RCHT Audiology


RCHT Audiology - Adult service

  • GPs can refer direct to audiology and previous patients can self-refer
  • Patients over 50 with age-related sensory deafness (or under 50 who have or have had a hearing aid)
  • Examine Ears & document that they are clear from wax (also note normal appearance of drum)
  • Exclusions
    • Sudden hearing loss (within 1 week) send to Emergency department or urgent care ENT
    • Vertigo
    • Persistent ear pain
    • Discharge other than wax
    • Marked or proven asymmetrical hearing loss
    • Troublesome or distressing or unilateral tinnitus

If under 50 years or underlying pathology

  • Examine ears and document findings
  • Refer to ENT 

 Please comment if patient has moderate or severe learning disability as non-standard equipment may be needed


Swimmers Ear Plugs are not available on the NHS.