Recently Approved Guidelines

The following guideline(s) were approved at the RMS Board on Friday 27th September 2019

Diabetic Feet



New Vulval guidelines are available and can be found under the Gynaecology RMS Referral Guidelines page.

A link to the guideline is here.



Information for Substance Misuse Services (Adaction) is now available on the RMS website - under the Psychiatry specialty.

Click here to access information.



An MRI is required for all Neurosurgical referrals for Adult Low Back Pain.


The following guideline(s) were approved by the RMS Board on Friday 28th June 2019:

Faints, Fits and Funny Turns in Children



Please note that the Lipoma guidelines have been amended. Text highlighted in yellow has now been removed:

Diagnosis is usually clinical - USS is not routinely required to confirm the diagnosis, except in the case of masses greater than 5cm diameter.

Removal of lipomata on cosmetic grounds is not routinely commissioned as per the KCCG procedures of limited clinical priority document accessible here:


Individual funding requests can be made for cases of exceptional clinical need.


The following guideline(s) were approved at the RMS Board on Friday 26th April 2019:


Pre-Gestational Diabetes and Pregnancy

Splints & Braces

AQP Audiology