RMS Paediatric Sleep information.


  • There is currently no sleep service for children without complex needs in this county. General paediatricians in Cornwall do not offer outpatient reviews of children with sleep problems.


  • Hunrosa Sleep provide a very comprehensive service.


  • They are commissioned to provide this to children with complex needs who are under the care of the community paediatric team. If this is the case then contact the named community paediatric consultant the child is under to make that referral.



  • Hunrosa are able to provide individual advice for families and primary care teams (contact details here) but this is not currently commissioned. 





Date Reviewed           02/10/2019

Date Next Review      02/10/2020

Author                         Dr Chris Williams, Consultant Paediatrician – Royal Cornwall Hospital

GP Sifter                     Dr Rebecca Harling


Version No.  1.0