Fitting of intrauterine contraception

RCH Sexual Health Services fit both intrauterine system (IUS) and intrauterine devices (IUD) for contraception.  Please note we do not fit IUS for non-contraceptive reasons (eg heavy menstrual bleeding).


Patients will be assessed initially at a telephone or clinic consultation to take a medical history, check pregnancy risk, arrange bridging contraception if required and offer sexual health screening with the fitting at a second visit.  If you wish to refer directly for fitting please write including:

  • Medical details
  • Current contraception
  • Results of recent chlamydia screen

The IUD may be fitted within 5 days of unprotected sex as emergency contraception (or within 5 days of the earliest predicted date of ovulation).  Please ring 01872 255044 for emergency iud to arrange the earliest possible assessment.




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