Imaging and MRI guidelines

Imaging and MRI Guidelines


In the absence of red flags/suspicion of vertebral fracture, plain X rays

are not routinely indicated.2

Please note all MRI Lumbar Spine requests require all of the information in the corresponding box below.  The Radiology department will return the MRI request back to the requester if the information is not provided.


MRI Guidelines






MRI with metalwork in situ


Most metalwork ie orthopaedic hardware, non-neurosurgical clips, and some cardiac devices do not contra-indicate an MR. Radiology routinely carry out an MRI safety checklist prior to imaging but if in doubt advice can be sought from the radiology advice and guidance email service:





MR Arthrogram


MR arthrogram requests are only accepted from orthopaedics and the MSK interface service. If a labral injury of the hip or shoulder is suspected and conservative measures have been unsuccessful please consider referral to the appropriate service



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