Referral Criteria 

1.    The patient has a BMI of 40kgs/m2 or more, or a BMI of 35-40kgs/m2 plus other significant disease that could be improved with weight loss, or the patient has a BMI of 30-34.9 with recent-onset type 2 diabetes

2.    Non surgical measures must have been attempted for at least 6 months but have failed to achieve or maintain clinically beneficial weight loss. 

The phrase of “significant disease that could be improved with weight loss” could encompass:

•   Hypertension

•   Type 2 Diabetes

•   Hypercholesterolaemia

•   Osteoarthritis of Weight Bearing Joints



In Cornwall all patients are seen by  Dr T Dugal or Dr S Creely at RCHT in the Obesity Clinic prior to referral for Bariatric Surgery.


Date Reviewed                        07/08/2019

Date Next Review                   07/08/2020

Author                                     Dr B Wesson  ( RMS GP Endocrinology lead)


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