Bariatric Surgery Followup


The aims of follow up are:

  1. Dietary assessment and education
  2. Identify and treat “medical” complications early e.g. B12 or other vitamin / mineral deficiency
  3. Identify and treat any “surgical” complications early e.g. gastric band slippages or internal herniae
  4. To allow for on-going audit of results


Acute complications are:

  • Epigastric or other abdominal pain associated with:
  • Dysphagia
  • Vomiting
  • Reflux unresponsive to PPIs

Most patients with the above acute symptoms would require emergency admission to RCHT.

However, for a few an urgent outpatient assessment in an Upper GI Surgical Outpatient Clinic may be appropriate. Patients should be informed that such an appointment would be to assess only the need for emergency / urgent intervention and not their on-going care

We are sometimes asked to take on the care of patients who have had bariatric surgery elsewhere, often as Private patients. We are not able to take on the on-going care of such patients as we have neither the capacity nor the funding to take on such patients care. We strongly encourage all such patients to attend regular follow up with their original surgical team.


Clinics Available

Mr Finlay and Mr Cota – Bariatric Surgeons RCHT