Recurrent Miscarriage

Refer to the Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic with pelvic USS attached


Spontaneous loss of a pregnancy before the foetus reaches viability.  Investigation is offered for three or more first-trimester miscarriages (positive test) or one second-trimester miscarriage

Information to include when referring to Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic

  • Details of full obstetric history (include miscarriages/ TOPs/ ectopics)
  • Whether any previous treatment to cervix (if so please include date of last smear & result)
  • Relevant past medical / surgical history
  • Current regular medication

Investigations prior to referral

  • Pelvic USS
  • Day 2-5 FSH


The investigation and treatment of couples with recurrent first trimester and second trimester miscarriages. RCOG Greentop guideline No 17. April 2011

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Date reviewed                     27/06/2019

Next review due                  27/06/2020

Dr Anna Harrold 


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