Asymptomatic Patients with a Family History of Breast Cancer

The imaging department at RCHT now offers an advice and guidance service for queries regarding patients with a family history of breast cancer. This is available via E-RS. Consultants will aim to reply to queries within 2 working days. Exclusions to this service are patients with breast symptoms, patients already under a breast team or any other non family history related breast queries. 


Please refer all asymptomatic patients with a family history of breast cancer that meets the NICE criteria to the Family History clinic, run by Dr Kerstin Stepp at Royal Cornwall Hospital.  Referrals should be sent to the RMS using the E-Referrals Service via letter or referral form (below).


The current Peninsular wide policy (including RCHT) is to refer according to the NICE 2006 guideline. This is available to download below.

Discussions are in progress with regard to moving to the more recent NICE 2013 guideline. 


Link to referral form

link to PDF quick reference NICE 2006 guideline